Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Archangel Nathaniel: A Lightworker's Best Friend

If you haven’t heard of Archangel Nathaniel, you’re probably not alone.  I’d never heard of him until a few years ago in what I thought was, at the time, a random message.  I was told that Nathaniel could propel your life purpose forward rapidly and that you shouldn’t ask him for help unless you’re absolutely ready to move forward.

It’s been made perfectly clear to me that the person who told me about Nathaniel several years ago played a very significant role in my life.  As you may know, I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I was definitely meant to know who Nathaniel was and how he could and would change my life.

If you follow my blog, you know that I had been told in a psychic reading that I was a lightworker who was working with Archangel Michael to deliver a message.  You may also know that subsequently, I received beautiful words from Archangel Michael for my children’s book, Angels, Angels, Everywhere.  Since that reading, I thought I was working only with Archangel Michael on my life purpose.  I’m embarrassed to admit that until recently I’d completely forgotten that I’d asked Nathaniel for help when I put my book into production in January of 2014. 

Now, as I look back over the past two years, it all makes perfect sense … how everything has fallen into place so easily with my book about angels, unlike the previous book I had tried to publish.  I thought it was because I was aligned with my soul’s purpose, but now I realize that there was much more going on.  Nathaniel had replaced my feelings of being stuck with feelings of clarity, motivation, and dedication.  He removed the obstacles that were in my way and was allowing my purpose to unfold with Divine synchronicity.

My memory was rekindled recently when Anayah Joy Holilly of Angel Heart Radio asked me if I’d be interested in co-hosting a show about Nathaniel.  She said that he had shown her that I was the right person to help teach her audience about him.  I was flattered, but I didn’t think I was an expert on him.  Well, guess again!  LOL  I had first-hand experience!

Anayah and I had just begun what would become a very long phone conversation when I had my “lightbulb” moment.  I exclaimed, “This all makes sense now!  That’s why I was able to move forward with my angel book!  That’s why I’ve been led to all the right people to create my website and produce and promote my book!  That’s why it’s been a non-stop ride of endless energy, wonderful opportunities, and major accomplishments!  It’s Archangel Nathaniel!”  Anayah and I both laughed with delight.  Needless to say, I immediately thanked Nathaniel for all of his help. 

After my phone conversation with Anayah, I started to do some research.  I learned that Nathaniel works very closely with Michael to help lightworkers with their life purpose. To my surprise, I also learned that Nathaniel is known as the patron saint of lightworkers – those whose life purpose involves serving humanity.  Michael knows everyone’s life purpose and can help you figure out what you’re meant to do.  Once you realize why you’re here and you’re ready to move forward, Nathaniel will help you turn your passion into action so you can make your dreams come true.  Remember, you need to ask for the Archangels’ help because they need to respect your free will and cannot intervene unless invited.

Nathaniel has kept me very busy, but I love every minute of it because I’m passionate about what I’m doing.  Because I love what I’m doing, I’ve raised my vibrational energy, and I feel happier than I’ve ever been!  Anytime I start to feel the least bit overwhelmed, Nathaniel quickly causes those feelings to dissipate by giving me just the right guidance that allows me to complete the task at hand.  Even when I’ve been absolutely exhausted, he’s given me the energy I’ve needed to accomplish my goals.  He’s helped me to trust my choices and feel confident about my abilities.

During the past two years, I’ve done things I never thought I’d do, such as appearing on radio shows and podcasts and most recently speaking about angels at a local metaphysical expo.  Instead of being nervous or fearful, I’ve felt calm, secure and confident.   There’s a sense of empowerment that comes from working with Nathaniel.     

Just as he has helped me, Nathaniel can help you to feel the Divine spark that is within you so you can follow your heart’s desire.  He’ll help you let go of distractions that are hindering you and will give you laser-like focus.  He’ll help you stop procrastinating, manifest your intentions, and achieve your goals.  He’ll help you own the power that is deep inside of you.  I’ve had more faith, courage, and determination than I’ve ever had before.  I’ve been more driven to succeed now than at any other time in my life. With Nathaniel by your side, you’ll be able to manifest all that you want out of life at a rapid pace.

If you’re ready to make your life purpose a priority … if you’re ready to fuel your passion in life … if you’re ready to put your purpose into overdrive, it’s time to ask Archangel Nathaniel for his assistance.  Buckle up, hold on, and enjoy the ride!

With love, light, and angel blessings,


If you'd like to know more about Archangel Nathaniel, please listen to the Angel Heart Radio show here:

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