Monday, October 31, 2016

Common Messages From Deceased Loved Ones

I know how much comfort a message from a departed loved one can bring because I’ve been the recipient of many wonderful healing messages from the other side with the help of some amazing psychic mediums.  I’m so grateful for the compassionate people – both well-known and less known -- who have shared their psychic abilities with me so I could connect with my beloved family members. 

Listed below, are some of the most common messages that are received from the other side: 

“I’m okay.”

Your loved one wants you to know that they made it safely to Heaven, which is really just a different dimension beyond our three-dimensional world.  In truth, your loved one never died.  The pure energy of who they are - their soul - merely shed its physical form and returned to its true home in the spiritual realm. 

“I’m at peace.”

Your loved one wants you to know that they're in a peaceful place that is filled only with feelings of love and happiness. Any lower vibrating energies, such as anger, resentment, guilt, etc. are gone.  

“I’m still here.”

Your loved one wants you to know that it’s not your imagination if you felt their touch, heard their voice, sensed their presence, experienced a life-like dream, or received any other sign that they were with you.  They never really left you.  They can hear your thoughts because we are all connected to one consciousness that survives beyond the death of our physical bodies.  They're just a thought away, and they'll always be a part of your life.

“I’m not alone.”

Your loved one wants you to know that when they arrived in Heaven, they were greeted by family and friends, beloved pets, and sometimes even God. 

“I love you.”

Your loved one will never stop loving you.  You'll always be connected through love.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and nothing can destroy it.

“I’m sorry.”

Your loved one wants to apologize if they weren’t able to express their love to you, or if they treated you or anyone else abusively, or if they committed suicide.  Those who commit suicide are not condemned to eternal damnation.  They're learning to heal on the other side.

“I forgive you.”

Your loved one doesn’t want you to feel guilty about any harsh words you may have said to them, especially right before they died.  You're forgiven, and they want you to move forward without guilt.

“I’m healthy and coherent again.”

Since your loved one no longer has their physical body, they no longer have any pains or disabilities.  If their mental functions were diminished, they're now restored.  Your loved one is now in what’s called a “light body” made of pure love and light energy.  (If they come through in a dream – which is actually a visitation in the astral plane – they will usually appear vibrant, youthful, and happy.)

“Thank you.”

Your loved one wants you to know that they appreciate everything you did for them while they were here on Earth.

“I didn’t feel anything.”

If your loved one died in a horrible accident that caused severe physical injury, they want you to know that they didn’t feel any pain.  Their soul was removed from their body before impact.

“I heard everything you said to me before I passed.”

If your loved one was in a coma or otherwise unconscious before passing, they want you to know that they heard every word you said to them.  Their higher self in Heaven was able to hear you when their physical body wasn't responsive.

“I wouldn’t have been able to pass if you’d been there.”

If you were unable to get to your loved one’s side to say your last goodbye, things happened that way for a reason.  If you'd been there, they wouldn’t have been able to leave their body.  They want you to move forward without guilt.  They're still with you, and you can still tell them you love them.

“I wasn’t ready for the earthly experience.”

If you had a miscarriage, the unborn child’s soul doesn’t want you to feel guilty.  They weren't ready to enter the earth plane.  The soul may come back in another baby when the time is right.

"Please let go of your guilt and move forward."

If you had an abortion, that soul goes to Heaven to evolve.  They hold no ill will towards you and forgive you.  They want you to forgive yourself too.  Often, that soul will become a spirit guide who helps you through life.

“I’m growing up here.”

If you lost a child, they want you to know that they're growing up on the other side.  Although you miss their presence very much, they're still with you in spirit.  Your child’s soul wants you to celebrate their life when you're ready.  Honor your grief, but try to keep moving forward.

“I’m learning new things here.”

Just as we're here in “Earth school” learning and growing to advance our souls, those who have gone to Heaven are also learning and growing on the other side.  Our souls never stop evolving whether we're on Earth or in Heaven.

"As you're able to move forward, you'll help me to move forward too."

Take as long as you need to go through your grieving process.  When you're ready to move forward with your life, you'll also be helping your loved one's soul move forward in Heaven.


I believe that psychic mediums are here to share their special gifts so they may provide comfort to those who are grieving.  The messages that come through are always from a place of love.

I hope that one or more of these messages has brought you comfort, assisted in easing your mind, and helped to heal your heart.

With love, light, and angel blessings,


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