Friday, September 30, 2016

An Angelic Escort to the Hospital

Seven years ago, out of the blue, I developed food allergies.  I didn’t realize at the time that it was a serious and potentially life-threatening condition.  Around that same time, I’d become an old hand at noticing “angel numbers” which are repetitive number sequences that the angels show us to impart messages.  I’d also fostered a very strong connection with the angels by having complete faith and trust in their guidance.

One night after work, I stuck around to talk with a colleague.  While I was listening to what she was saying, all I could think about was how my face felt like it was swelling up.  At some point, she said to me, “What did you do to your face?  You look younger.”  LOL  I can laugh about it now, but the situation was anything but funny.  Having been through the same thing about a month or two earlier, I knew I needed to get to the emergency room to be hooked up to an IV drip of steroids to reduce the swelling.

I stayed and talked much longer than I should have.  Also, I had a very long commute home.  The smart thing would’ve been to have gone to the hospital that was nearby work, but for some reason, I chose to drive home to my local hospital … where they knew me.  LOL

Oddly enough, the traffic wasn’t that bad when I got on the road at approximately 8 p.m.  It was as if the angels had cleared the road for me, and I had a bullet train home.  About three-quarters of the way through my drive, my throat felt dry, so I started to feel some anxiety, and my heart began to race.  Although the car was moving at a pretty fast pace, I was worried if I’d be able to get to the hospital before my throat closed up on me.

I pleaded, “Angels, please help me get to the hospital in time!”  Immediately, I heard a response in my head, “We’re getting you there as fast as we can.”  I heard it again two more times in rapid succession.  The tone was very calm, and it reassured me that everything would be okay.  Gradually, my anxiety started to diminish, and I was again focused on riding that bullet train to my destination.

In no time, I was at the hospital, and I ran into the emergency room.  Nearly out of breath, I said to the admissions clerk, “I’m having an allergic reaction.”  Although there were others there, they took me in almost immediately.  Before long, I was hooked up to the familiar IV drip and could breathe a sigh of relief.

I had to stay at the hospital for several hours so they could monitor my condition.  At some point, they needed my room and moved me into the hallway.  While I lay there wondering when I’d be able to go home, a young girl wearing a black sweatshirt walked past me.  On the back of her sweatshirt was a big pair of white angel wings.  I couldn’t help but smile as I said to myself, “Thank you, Angels.”

With love, light, and angel blessings,



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