Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Messages from the Angels for Children

Life can be challenging for children, so it’s important that we give them every tool we can to help them deal with those challenges.  Teaching children to believe in a power greater than themselves will build their confidence and empower them to deal with life’s emotional ups and downs.  

As an angel intuitive, I’ve been guided to deliver these messages from the Angels to you so that you may, in turn, teach your children and grandchildren:

1. Children are always loved.  There is nothing your child can ever do to stop God or the Angels from loving him or her. 

2. Children are never alone.  Every child comes into the world with a Guardian Angel who God has assigned to love, protect, and guide them through life.  This Guardian Angel will never leave that child’s side and will accompany them when it’s time to return to Heaven.

3. Angels are always ready to help.  Because God gave human beings free will, Angels are not allowed to intervene in our lives unless we ask for help, so children must be taught to ask for help when they need it.  Let your child know that they have angelic support 24 hours a day with anything, big or small.

4. It’s easy to ask the Angels for help.  Teach your children that communicating with the Angels is like talking on a cell phone, but the connection to Heaven is so strong that they don’t need to hold a phone.  They don’t even need to talk aloud because the the Angels can hear their thoughts.  

5. When children are afraid, they can ask Archangel Michael to protect them with “white light.”  This is God’s white light.  Explain to them that all they need to do is to visualize a protective bubble of white light surrounding them and to trust that they will be safe.

6. Life is a gift from God, and it’s important to always be grateful for this gift.  When children are thankful, God will give them more to appreciate.  Every child should know that they are here for a very important purpose and that God gave them the talents and abilities they would need to fulfill that purpose.

7. Every child is special, no matter what they look like on the outside because it’s who they are on the inside that matters.  God created each of us from his love and light, and we are perfect just the way we are.  It doesn’t matter what others think of us as long as we love ourselves.  Teach them that when they are bullied, the bully’s comments are meaningless as long as they believe in themselves.  Teach them that no one can make them feel bad about themselves unless they let them, and there’s no reason to let them. 

8. Teach children about the power of their thoughts.  Let them know that their thoughts are like “magnets.”  If they think positive thoughts, it will lift their spirits and bring them happiness, but if they think negative thoughts, it will only attract more negativity.  Teach your child that it is always within their power to choose a positive thought over a negative one.

9. Remember that God is in charge.  Teach children to pray to God and trust that their prayers will be answered in God’s Divine timing.  They need to be open to how their prayers will be answered.  They must accept that sometimes bad things will happen, but there are reasons for this.  Bad times help us to learn and grow and become stronger.  They must trust that God knows what he’s doing. 

10. Angels will show children “signs” that they are with them.  This can come in the form of repetitive number sequences known as “Angel Numbers” such as 11:11 on a clock or triple numbers like 444 on a license plate.  Your child may find a feather or a coin in an unusual place, may see the form of an angel or wings in a cloud, or may hear the word Angel in a song.  Children may also see sparkles of light or colored orbs.  A child may have an imaginary friend who is actually an angel. 

I hope these angelic messages will instill a sense of comfort and assurance within you and your children.

With love, light, and Angel blessings,


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