Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Purpose

We all come into this life with a purpose – a life purpose.  This life purpose is yours, and yours alone, to fulfill.  You chose your life purpose prior to incarnating on Earth, and according to what you decided to experience and the lessons you wanted to learn, God gave you the applicable talents and abilities with which to complete that purpose.

There’s no urgency involved with your life purpose.  Don’t stress about finding what you’re supposed to do by a certain age.  The age at which you discover your life purpose is predetermined in advance.  Everything about your life is Divinely orchestrated.  You’ll fulfill your mission when you’ve learned everything you need to know and when God deems it appropriate – in Divine timing.  Sometimes that can take a while, as it did for me, but you must have patience because it’ll be well worth the wait.

There’s also no need to feel competitive about your life purpose because it’s designed specifically for you to bring to the world in your own unique way.  There’s room for everyone’s ideas, inventions, and creations because our world is limitless.  What’s meant for you will be yours.  It’s part of your soul’s “Divine Blueprint.” 

As I’d mentioned in an earlier entry, we’re not just human beings living this life, dying, and ceasing to exist.  We’re souls that live forever, sometimes living many, many lives so we may evolve exponentially.  We’re souls housed in human bodies.  In this particular lifetime, your soul is paving its own individual path.  Have faith in your journey, and trust that God knows what he’s doing.

Often, people who have the biggest challenges also have the biggest purposes.  I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations, but now I understand why I had to go through the painful experiences in my life.  It was to get me where I am right now and to make me who I was meant to be.  While it’s a cliché, the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” holds a lot of truth.  With every challenge that you overcome, you become empowered.  With every mountain that you climb, you get closer to the pinnacle.

You’ll get there.  You’ll find your purpose, and you’ll fulfill your destiny.  Don’t lose faith.  Never, ever quit.  Keep moving forward.  Your goals are within reach.  Stay focused, think positive, follow your passions, and dream your dreams.  Most importantly, follow your Divine guidance, and you’ll be led in the right direction.

When you find your purpose, you’ll fearlessly move forward, you’ll break out of your comfort zone, and you’ll embrace change.  You’ll be driven to succeed, and everything will synchronistically fall into place.  You’ll know in your heart and soul that you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do, and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been.

With love, light, and angel blessings!


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Unknown said...

What if you have found your path your purpose and been saved by God, experienced a trauma lose your faith that experience the Fall From Grace, how does one regain the alignment after the Discord and distance feels so painfully far from retainment?