Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Purpose

We all come into this life with a purpose – a life purpose.  This life purpose is yours, and yours alone, to fulfill.  You chose your life purpose prior to incarnating on Earth, and according to what you decided to experience and the lessons you wanted to learn, God gave you the applicable talents and abilities with which to complete that purpose.

There’s no urgency involved with your life purpose.  Don’t stress about finding what you’re supposed to do by a certain age.  The age at which you discover your life purpose is predetermined in advance.  Everything about your life is Divinely orchestrated.  You’ll fulfill your mission when you’ve learned everything you need to know and when God deems it appropriate – in Divine timing.  Sometimes that can take a while, as it did for me, but you must have patience because it’ll be well worth the wait.

There’s also no need to feel competitive about your life purpose because it’s designed specifically for you to bring to the world in your own unique way.  There’s room for everyone’s ideas, inventions, and creations because our world is limitless.  What’s meant for you will be yours.  It’s part of your soul’s “Divine Blueprint.” 

As I’d mentioned in an earlier entry, we’re not just human beings living this life, dying, and ceasing to exist.  We’re souls that live forever, sometimes living many, many lives so we may evolve exponentially.  We’re souls housed in human bodies.  In this particular lifetime, your soul is paving its own individual path.  Have faith in your journey, and trust that God knows what he’s doing.

Often, people who have the biggest challenges also have the biggest purposes.  I’ve had my fair share of trials and tribulations, but now I understand why I had to go through the painful experiences in my life.  It was to get me where I am right now and to make me who I was meant to be.  While it’s a cliché, the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” holds a lot of truth.  With every challenge that you overcome, you become empowered.  With every mountain that you climb, you get closer to the pinnacle.

You’ll get there.  You’ll find your purpose, and you’ll fulfill your destiny.  Don’t lose faith.  Never, ever quit.  Keep moving forward.  Your goals are within reach.  Stay focused, think positive, follow your passions, and dream your dreams.  Most importantly, follow your Divine guidance, and you’ll be led in the right direction.

When you find your purpose, you’ll fearlessly move forward, you’ll break out of your comfort zone, and you’ll embrace change.  You’ll be driven to succeed, and everything will synchronistically fall into place.  You’ll know in your heart and soul that you’re doing exactly what you were meant to do, and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been.

With love, light, and angel blessings!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Spiritual Awakening ... Continued

In my last entry, I talked about the beginning of my spiritual awakening, and I touched upon why I changed my opinion from not knowing if God existed to believing in him 100%.

In this entry, I want to explain how I arrived at the conclusion that God exists.  My decision was surprisingly based mostly on logic, but, of course, partially based on faith.

A few months after my unexpected reading with medium, Lisa Williams, and my mom's spirit, I attended a weekend spiritual retreat held by Williams and her meditation guru in the beautiful town of Ojai, California.  The main reason I went was because Williams was going to be doing more readings.  Other than that, I didn't quite know what a spiritual retreat was.  For a change, I'd made a spontaneous decision to follow my heart and go ... or possibly it was guidance, and I didn't realize it at the time.

Anyway, it was a magical event with lots of like-minded people who I instantly felt connections with.  The event was held at a picturesque and serene venue amid nature, and the energy was peaceful yet invigorating.  During our two days there, Williams discussed how mediumship works and did quite a few readings, but we also did a lot of meditations.  It was the first time I really set my ego aside and dove head first into finding that deeper connection within myself and to spirit.

During one of those meditations, I saw my dad who had been dead for nearly 35 years!  I can still remember the feeling to this day.  I felt that I was in his presence ... truly reunited with him.  It was so emotional that I had tears slowly streaming down my face.  I could hear attendees sniffling or softly weeping, but I didn't let that distract me.  I was "in the zone."  I had never experienced a meditation like that before!  When we were brought out of the meditation, I felt peaceful, comforted, and happy.

Something else happened at that spiritual retreat that changed the whole direction of my life, and although I didn't know it at the time, had steered me toward my life purpose.  I met two sisters who told me about "angel numbers."  I'd never heard of such a thing!  They went on to tell me about repetitive number sequences such as the 11:11 you might see on a clock or 444 on a license plate, address, or phone number.  I was fascinated and wanted to know everything there was to know about "angel numbers."

When I returned home from the retreat, I started to research the topic and came across the name, Doreen Virtue, who had written many books on angels and "angel numbers."  I bought two of her books, "Healing With the Angels" which is a great overview with prayers, and "Angel Numbers 101" which provides the meanings of numbers 1 through 999.

Not long after I had read the books, I started noticing "angel numbers" everywhere on my long commutes to and from work, so I decided to keep "Angel Numbers 101" in my car, and I would write the dates when I saw the respective numbers on the applicable pages of the book.  After a while, the book ended up falling apart from overuse!  LOL  That's when I decided to start using journals.  When you start to see the numbers and acknowledge them, you'll be shown more, and more!  It's an amazing way to receive angelic guidance!

In addition to the book, "Angel Numbers 101," there's now an app for your smart phone which is a handy way to look up numbers on the go.  Another wonderful reference for "angel numbers" is Joanne Walmsley's blog,

Now ... back to why I decided to believe in God.  Like I said earlier, it was partially a logical conclusion for me.  Since I had become a believer in angels after seeing my life dramatically improve by following their guidance, and given the fact that the name angel literally means "messenger of God," it only made sense to believe in God.  Not to mention, God has his very own number which is 0, which represents a circle without a beginning or end ... infinite.

With love, light, and angel blessings,


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Spiritual Awakening

I used to think that I was only human and that one day I would die, and that would be the end of me ... but that perspective went right out the window when I had my first encounter with "the other side."

After being raised in a minimally religious household, I'd say I was agnostic most of my life, meaning I didn't know whether or not God existed or if my loved ones had gone on to an afterlife.

During the past seven years, I've transformed into someone who believes in God and believes that I'm not only human, but also an eternal "soul" who has lived many lifetimes in human bodies to learn lessons for my soul's advancement.  Now, I believe that when I die, my soul will either go on to another human life or will stay with God to do work in the spiritual world.

As a young adult, I was always fascinated by accounts of near-death experiences.  That might have been around the time when the "newsmagazine" format shows started appearing on television.  I would listen to doctors and scientists explain the physiological reasons why people saw a tunnel and white light.  Since most people were having virtually the same experience, I thought, "That makes sense."

But then, I learned about people who had returned from reunions with deceased loved ones or were able to describe in detail what their doctors had said and done in the operating room because they had floated over their bodies observing everything.  That didn't make sense.  How was that possible?

As more and more of these scientifically unexplainable stories came out, I thought, "Maybe there is life after death."  But, I was still agnostic and needed proof.

I got that proof in 2008 when I was fortunate enough to have the renowned British medium, Lisa Williams, bring my mom through at a spiritual conference.  At that time, my mom had been dead nearly 22 years!  Lisa said my mom's (uncommon) name, called me by my childhood nickname, and told me things only my mom would have known.  That was enough proof for me!

My mom was "somewhere" even though she wasn't there physically.  It was the most moving experience of my life, and I cried tears of joy and gratitude the whole way home!

That was the beginning of my spiritual awakening, and I haven't looked back since.

With love, light, and angel blessings,