Saturday, March 28, 2015

Everything Happens in Divine Timing

I know in my heart and soul that Archangel Michael is guiding me every step of the way with the creation of my book, the production of it, and even the marketing and promotion.  It's amazing to me how everything is aligning in synchronicity with Angels, Angels, Everywhere.  This is validation from Heaven that everything I'm doing is in accordance with Divine timing.

If you feel that you aren't able to move forward on a project that you're passionate about or that opportunities have been blocked, know that this is the universe's way of redirecting you to a much better opportunity and outcome.

As they say, when one door closes, another one opens.  The key is being observant and recognizing the door that has opened for you.  When you see it, walk forward with confidence!  You are being guided to what you're meant to do ... your life purpose ... that is yours, and yours alone, to fulfill.

There is no urgency or competition involved.  What is meant for you will be there for you when the time is right.  One of the hardest lessons to learn is patience, but you must learn it to move forward.  When you chase after something with anxiety or fear, you are actually pushing the positive energy away from you, and in return, you will manifest a negative outcome.  

Instead, keep your thoughts positive, keep peace and love in your heart, and ask the universe to help you manifest your desires.  Listen closely for the guidance you are given.  Follow that guidance, believe in yourself, and be open to receiving a positive outcome.  I can tell you from personal experience that this works!  Give it a try!

With love, light, and angel blessings,


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guided by Love and Light

I’m so excited to have a place to share my thoughts and feelings as well as the knowledge I’ve gained about spirituality, especially angels. Although my website was designed for me as an author, I am first and foremost a “lightworker.” What is a lightworker, you ask? I wondered that very same thing when I was told by a psychic medium that I was working with Archangel Michael. So, when I got home from that reading, I Googled it! As someone who has always enjoyed helping people, I was delighted to find out that it identifies souls who have incarnated on Earth to heal others with God’s “love and light.”

Those who are called to serve as lightworkers often become teachers, writers, or counselors. Each of us comes to Earth to serve a particular “life purpose” that is ours, and ours alone, to fulfill. Some people find their life purpose early in life, and for others, like me, it comes later. There’s nothing wrong with being a “late bloomer.” Not too long ago, someone said to me, “The late blooms are sometimes the most beautiful.” I realize that what I’m doing now couldn’t have taken place when I was younger. I had many lessons to learn to prepare for this role.

I’ve loved to write ever since I was a child, and I’ve always enjoyed being around children. Friends and colleagues would often come to me for “counseling” too. They’d say, “I always feel better after I talk to you,” and that would make me feel good. I thought … I missed my calling, but I didn’t. I just had to wait for Divine timing. I’m so thrilled that I’ll be able to do all these things: write, teach, and counsel. This is a great blessing, and my heart is filled with love. It’s true that if you follow your passion, you’ll be led on the path to your life purpose … and once you’ve found your purpose, you’ll feel fulfilled and will be rewarded by the universe with abundance.

Do you think you might be a lightworker? If so, it’s a perfect time to awaken to your purpose. We are experiencing a “golden age of enlightenment,” and your services are needed now more than ever to help raise humanity’s consciousness and the vibrational energy of our planet.

I’ll be sharing more about lightworkers, life purpose, angels, and other topics in my blog. I want to inspire you and empower you to change your life for the better. You have everything you need right now to be happy and abundant!

With love, light, and angel blessings,