Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to Angels, Angels, Everywhere!

One year ago today, my first children’s picture book was published!  Putting a book on the market is no small task.  It takes a lot of research, dedication, hard work, passion, and, of course, financial resources to self-publish, but I had a dream in my heart and a desire to help children, and I wasn’t about to let anything stop me.  You see, there were times in the years leading up to my book’s publication that I felt like “something” was trying to stop me, not with Angels, Angels, Everywhere, but with another book.

In 2010, I had written my first manuscript, a beautiful story to help children with grief.  I felt a sense of urgency and wanted to get it into the marketplace as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, that sense of urgency would be its demise because chasing my dream with impatience, worries, and fear was putting negative energy into the project, and I was receiving negative energy in return.  As the law of attraction dictates, that negative energy was literally pushing the book away from manifestation.  I hit “roadblocks” at every turn in the process, so I ultimately had to give up on that book for the time being, but I didn’t give up on my dream of self-publishing.

You may have heard the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.”  Well, that’s exactly what happened.  During the time that I was struggling with those “roadblocks,” the angels were providing me with three different manuscripts of lovely poetry about angels. 

In January of 2014, I had reached my wit's end and knew that I needed to move in a different direction.  Since I was a big fan of Hay House, I decided (or was guided) to contact their self-publishing division, Balboa Press, to look into doing a book with them.  I chose to publish the first of my “angel manuscripts.”  Although it was going to be expensive, I knew I had to do it.  You may have also heard the saying, “You have to spend money to make money.”  I knew this was an investment in my future, and I felt great about it.  I had a new lease on life … something to be hopeful about again … knowing I would have a book in my hands later in the year.

I was definitely following Divine guidance because everything started to fall into place with pure synchronicity after I made the decision to go with Balboa Press.  I had complete creative control throughout the entire process, they selected the perfect illustrator, and I had my book in my hands in only nine months!  It was like having a baby without morning sickness or labor pains!  LOL  I was overjoyed to see my book for sale on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press bookstore websites.  I was officially an author, and I was so proud of how my book turned out.

To market a book, you should have a social media presence, a website, and a blog, so I set up an Amazon author page and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Writing a blog is something I never thought I’d do, but I actually love it.  And only a couple of years ago, I thought social media was a complete waste of time.  Now, I love that too!  I’m addicted to posting inspirational and motivational words, and I even learned how to create my own “quote boxes” or memes.

I was guided to an awesome website designer who works almost exclusively with authors.  Her name is Maddee James, and her website is xuni.com.  Her work is unlike anything I've seen, and I was blown away by what she created for me.  I’m so grateful to have found her.

Just a year after I had contacted Balboa Press, I found myself doing my first appearance at a local author event at the new library in my community.  I read to children, sold books, and was part of a panel discussion.  It was a great first experience with the public.  That appearance led to another opportunity to read my book at a local children’s play center.

Next, I started submitting my book for awards.  I was thrilled when I was notified that I was a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards and even more thrilled when I won first place for poetry in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards and received honorable mention in several categories including illustrations.

I was planning to send out a press release, but I was guided to Pump Up Your Book, an award-winning online book publicity company.  I signed up for a three-month, 45-stop virtual book tour and had a blast!  This summer, I did interviews, guest blog posts, had a Twitter party, and received many wonderful reviews.  The owner, Dorothy Thompson, is amazing!  She referred me to a book trailer producer who made me a fantastic marketing video.  I had creative control over everything, and he was a joy to work with.  I was having so much fun!  That was the way it was supposed to be … fun!

Along with the fun, there was a bit of sadness.  This year, I had to relinquish the company name and logo I had created for my original self-publishing venture.  I had hoped I would still have time to produce two books under my company name during the year, but with the marketing of Angels, Angels, Everywhere, I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to the creation of two other books.  With only a few months left to try to produce the books, I came to the realization that it wasn’t going to happen.  I had this epiphany in the very place that the majority of my “light bulb moments” occurred – on the freeway in traffic.  At the very moment that I decided I was okay with letting go of the company name and logo, I saw a truck that read “Michael’s.”  I just knew it was Archangel Michael validating that I had made the right decision.  I felt good about it.  I no longer had any attachment to the name or logo.  I had moved on.

One of the benefits of being a Balboa Press author is the opportunity to be a guest on the Hay House Radio show, “Bright New Voices:  The Balboa Press Hour.”  Hay House Publishing is the largest self-help publisher in the world, and they have millions of subscribers.  When I received an email stating that everyone who did a radio spot would be eligible for a chance to be a part of the Hay House World Summit in 2016, I didn’t hesitate.  On Friday, October 23, my interview aired for the first time.  It will be replayed one more time and then will be archived for on demand listening. 

This brings me to the present moment.  What will I do next?  I’m not quite sure yet.  You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

With love, light, and angel blessings,


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Top 10 Traits of Lightworkers

“Lightworkers” are souls who are working with Archangel Michael to bring God’s healing love and light to the world.  Lightworkers incarnate to be of Divine service to humanity, all living things on Earth, and the planet itself.

Lightworkers have been on Earth ever since the beginning of time, but those who are here now in this Golden Age of Enlightenment are assisting with the ascension of the Earth and its people from the third dimension to the fifth dimension of the collective God consciousness.

At the present time, lightworkers are awakening in masses to the truth of who they are and why they’re here.  They’ve developed their unique talents and spiritual gifts and are ready to share them with the world.  They’ve learned everything they need to know to fulfill their life purposes.

Do you think you might be a lightworker?  Take a look at these top 10 characteristics of lightworkers to see if any or all of them apply to you:

1)     You’re always helping people.  It’s your natural instinct to put others first.  You enjoy giving of yourself and “paying it forward” without expecting or wanting anything in return.

2)     You’re naturally kind, compassionate, and thoughtful.  People love to talk to you because they’re attracted to the love and light that you radiate.  Perfect strangers want to share their problems with you because they feel safe and comfortable in your energy.  Because you’re so nice and have trouble saying “no,” you may find that you’re taken advantage of by people known as “psychic vampires.”  They'll completely drain you of your light energy unless you set boundaries.  You must learn to put yourself first.  You can protect your energy and still be kind.

3)     You know you’re here for a higher purpose, but you may not know exactly what it is yet.  You may wonder, “Is this all I’m going to do with my life?  I really feel like there’s something else I’m meant to do.”  Follow your heart, be patient, and ask Archangel Michael for guidance.  Your life purpose will be revealed to you when your soul is ready.  You may still have lessons to learn.  Have faith, and trust the process.  Everything happens in Divine timing, and God definitely has a plan for your life.

4)     Because of your natural desire to help others, you’re drawn to occupations in the areas of medicine (including the veterinary field), psychology, social work, energy healing, human or animal rights advocacy, humanitarian organizations, environmental causes, motivational speaking, mentoring, teaching, or life coaching.  It’s likely that you’ve gone through your own healing process in preparation for your lightwork.

5)    You had a very difficult life as a child, as an adult, or both which has tested your spirit.  You've gone through challenges that have empowered you and strengthened your character.  The people who have had the most difficult lives are often the ones who will have the most positive impact on the world.  Everything happens for a reason.

6)     You’re an “empath,” which means that you’re very sensitive to the emotions of other people.  This goes way beyond feeling empathy.  You have the ability to literally feel another person’s mood or emotion so deeply that you may absorb it as your own!  For this reason, you should ask Archangel Michael to shield you with “white light” to protect your energy field.  When you have to interact with someone who’s experiencing a negative emotion, after you disengage from that person, ask Archangel Michael to “cut the etheric cord” from that person’s energy.  Because you’re so sensitive, crowds may make you feel agitated and overwhelmed.  As an empath, it's important that you find time for solitude so you can reconnect to source, ground yourself, and balance your energy. 

7)     One or more of your five senses is hypersensitive.  Since you’re acutely aware of the slightest sights and/or sounds, you may be bothered by loud noises and/or bright lights.   These amplified sensitivities mean that clairvoyance (clear seeing) and/or clairaudience (clear hearing) may come easily to you.  You may also have claircognizance (clear knowing) and/or clairsentience (clear feeling).  These hypersensitivities and "sixth senses" are gifts to be embraced.

8)     You’re easily irritated by inconsiderate people.  You find rude behavior intolerable and don’t understand why everyone can’t exhibit common courtesy.  This is just your ego reminding you that you’re still human.  It’s best to let these annoyances go because karma will take care of itself, and you need to keep moving forward with your life purpose.

9)     You’re creatively gifted and enjoy expressing yourself  through writing, composing music, art, photography, or performing.  Your talents are God-given, and they are meant to be shared with humanity to make the world a better place.

10) You’ve experienced a “spiritual awakening” that has led you to the realization that you truly are a multidimensional being -- not only the human body and mind, but also a soul whose energy resides in the universal collective consciousness.  This realization has empowered you to transform your fear-based thoughts into love-based thoughts which has raised your vibrational energy beyond the density of the Earth and has provided you with inner peace and happiness.

If you’ve found out that you’re a lightworker, answer your calling!  It’s time to share your love and light with the world and illuminate the path for others.

With love, light, and angel blessings,


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Beloved Bond with Our Pets ... Continued

In my last blog entry, I told you about the amazing bond I had with my first cat, Pookie, and how only a few days after her death, she showed me “signs from Heaven” to let me know that she was still with me. 

Now, I’d like to tell you about my second cat, Buddy, who showed me "signs from Heaven" on the very same day he left the physical world this past January.  He was a 16-year-old orange tabby who had a personality that was larger than life, even up until the end.  I wasn’t looking for a second cat, but Buddy found me at just two weeks of age.  He was so small and helpless … he fit in the palm of my hand.  I became his foster mom, and he became my bottle baby.  Needless to say, it was a bonding experience, and there was no way I was going to give him up after I’d fostered him because he'd found a place in my heart.

I knew Pookie wasn’t crazy about another cat moving in, but Buddy was there to stay.  Pookie was nine months old when Buddy arrived, so luckily, she hadn’t had me to herself for too long.  It ended up working out fine.  Buddy knew he was in “second place,” and we were a happy family of three.

Buddy was such a character.  He grew from a tiny kitten into a fairly large 20-pound cat.  He had big saucer eyes, an inquisitive face, and very unique vocalizations.  Buddy had a wide variety of meows.  There were times he’d actually say, “Meow,” and other times he’d sound like a dolphin.  He was very friendly and loved to play, even in his final days.  Buddy charmed everyone who came into the house, rubbing his chin on them and meowing his way into their hearts.

At the end of his life, Buddy weighed less than 8 pounds.  He still looked okay on the outside, but inside his kidneys were failing.  Unfortunately, Buddy was not a cat who willingly tolerated any treatments.  While he was sweet and loving at home, he turned into a hissing and growling monster at the vet’s office.  Those vet visits would be extremely stressful for both of us.

Buddy had been diagnosed with kidney disease in early 2014.  It’s a very common disease in older cats, and it causes them to become very dehydrated and lethargic.  Their kidneys gradually lose their ability to flush the toxins out of their bodies.  I had read that the “end stage” was gruesome so I wasn’t going to let it get to that point.  I wasn’t going to let Buddy suffer.  As long as he had a quality of life, I would do whatever I could to help him. 

The vet told me that cats could live with kidney disease for a year or more if they received regular subcutaneous fluid injections.  Since I knew Buddy wasn’t going to sit there while I stuck a needle in him, I figured his days were numbered, but the vet prescribed a powder called Epakitin to lower his phosphorus level, and it seemed to work like some sort of miracle cure!

For many months, with only a few visits to the vet, Buddy continued to have a good quality of life.  You never would have known anything was wrong with him.  He was doing just as well as my other cat who was receiving fluids every other day!  I firmly believe that the Epakitin powder kept Buddy alive for almost a year after his diagnosis.

There would be times I’d take him to the vet thinking it was the end, and he would be hospitalized for two to three days with IV fluids and would make a remarkable comeback.  As I mentioned, Buddy was hospitalized on several occasions.  The fluids would flush the toxins out of his system, and his blood work would return to normal.  While I hated to put him through the stress of the vet visits, it was worth it to have the additional time with him and to see him retain his quality of life.

In January, Buddy didn’t make a comeback from his hospitalization.  His blood work was virtually unchanged, the “miracle” powder wasn’t helping, and he didn't want to eat or drink.  I knew it was time to make that fateful call to the vet, and I reluctantly made his euthanasia appointment for the following day.  That night, I told Buddy about the “signs” he could show me, and I told him he was going to Heaven to be with Pookie.

The next morning, I put Buddy in the carrier for the last time. On the way to the vet, there was an unusual silence.  Buddy normally cried every time I took him to the vet, but this time he didn’t make a sound.  When I took him inside, it wasn’t long before the familiar Buddy came out … the growling started.  He was not going to go willingly.

The assistant suggested she take him back to give him a sedative, and I agreed.  I didn’t know they were going to give him THE sedative.  When she brought Buddy back into the room wrapped in a heated towel, he was out of it, but he was still breathing, and I knew he could hear me, so I told him how much I loved him, and I prayed to the angels to keep Buddy calm and to give him a smooth transition to Heaven.  I also asked Pookie and my parents to greet him, and I asked my mom to hold onto him for me.  It wasn’t long before the vet came in to administer the final shot.  I was ready, and I truly believe Buddy was ready.  He had fought a good fight, but the time had come.

After the vet said Buddy had passed, he told me to take as much time as I needed as he closed the door.  I leaned over the table covering Buddy’s lifeless body with my chest, and I softly cried.  I continued to tell Buddy how much I loved him, and I continued to pray to the angels.  I must’ve stayed in that position for at least 45 minutes, all the while talking to Buddy and praying to the angels while tears gently streamed down my face. 

When I got home, I decided to sit outside on my balcony near my hummingbird feeder.  I don’t normally ask for signs, but when I sat down, I asked aloud, “Buddy, will you bring me a hummingbird?”  No sooner had I gotten the words out of mouth when a hummingbird appeared!  I couldn’t believe it!  Then, I realized I didn’t have my phone with me, so I quickly went inside to get my phone so I could take a picture.  I love to document signs when I can, and I knew this wasn’t a coincidence.

I sat back down and said aloud, “Buddy, I want to get a picture of the hummingbird.  Can you bring it back?”  Again, immediately, the hummingbird showed up, but this time it didn’t go straight to the feeder.  It stopped in front of it and hovered.  It was looking right at me!  As it went to get a sip of nectar, I asked aloud, “Buddy, is that you?”  The hummingbird quickly flew onto the nearby tree and started a very loud chatter.  The chatter must’ve gone on for at least two minutes!  I just knew it was Buddy telling the other birds, “I did it, I did it!  I let my mom know I was still here!”  Not only did I get pictures of the hummingbird, but also I got video!  Although it was a sad day, I was absolutely ecstatic with delight at that moment!

To top it off,  I received a message from a close friend who’s psychically gifted, and she told me that she saw my mom holding Buddy, that Pookie was sitting next to her, and that my dad was standing next to my mom with his hand on her shoulder.  This was an unexpected and wonderful validation.  My heart was so filled with love.

The next morning, before I left for work, I asked aloud, “Buddy, will you show me the word “cat?”  About halfway through my commute, I saw a truck several lanes over that was towing a “Caterpillar” construction vehicle, and there on the side of the vehicle in big, bold letters was “C-A-T!”  I was even able to get a photo!  I exclaimed, “Thank you, Buddy!”

Since then, Buddy has shown me all the signs I’d told him about without me asking for them.  These signs have included the numbers associated with his birth and transition back to spirit, his name (which I’ve seen and heard on numerous occasions), our word, “always,” and pictures of orange tabby cats.

Again, I’m sharing this story with you to let you know that your loved ones, including your beloved pets, are still with you in spirit. We’re all part of one consciousness where love keeps us connected forever and always.

With love, light, and angel blessings,


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Beloved Bond with Our Pets

If you’ve chosen to share your life with a dog, a cat, or any other companion animal, you know that it’s a very special commitment.  I’ve learned that we agree to be united with these loving beings before we incarnate, and in some cases, we’ve lived through many lifetimes together.  Whether we search for our animal companions, or they find us, we’re always meant to be together because we’re “soul family.”

Our pets are dependent on us for their needs, and in exchange they give us unconditional love.  They become not only our loyal companions, but also members of our family.  It’s no coincidence dog spelled backwards is God.  God planned it that way.

Since cat spelled backwards is “tac,” I guess God wasn’t as fond of cats.  LOL  So, I’ve chosen to make “TAC” an acronym for “Totally Affectionate Companion” because I’ve found that both dogs and cats can be equally as affectionate.  My very first cat was more than just a pet to me.  She was my “soul mate,” a kindred spirit with whom I shared an amazing bond of love.  She took half of my heart with her when she crossed over to the other side.

I didn’t start out as a “cat person,” but as I became fond of a friend’s cat and then unexpectedly ended up fostering baby kittens, I gradually fell in love with felines.  In 1997, I made the decision to adopt a kitten.  I chose an 8-week old, female, light gray tabby, and I named her Pookie.  She was a bit of a handful as a kitten, but as she got older, she turned into my “comfort kitty” who would gaze at me lovingly with her soulful, green eyes while she gently placed her paw on my cheek and softly meowed, “Maaa” which was her way of saying, “I love you, Mom.”  I loved her more than life itself.

I had been told indoor cats could live to be 20 years old, but sadly, Pookie only made it to 13.  In the spring of 2011, she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.  There was little that could be done, and it was hard to watch her deteriorate.  I decided that we would make it through Mother’s Day together, and I would take her to be euthanized the following day.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, but I didn’t want her to suffer.

That final night, I knew I wouldn’t get much sleep, if any, so I decided to curl up next to Pookie on the living room floor.  I was devastated when she found the energy to get up and move away from me.  Although Pookie was very weak from dehydration, I placed boxes around the bed just in case she tried to get under it which would prevent me from taking her to the vet.  Feeling depressed and exhausted, I went to bed with my cat, Baby, lying next to me, and I finally fell asleep.

I woke up around 4 a.m. and saw what I thought was Baby in the middle of the bed, but when I looked a little closer, I realized it was Pookie!  She knew this was our last night together, and her frail, little 5-pound body was no match for her determination to be next to me!  She mustered up every ounce of strength that she had to walk into the bedroom and climb up and over the boxes to get on the bed with me!  I couldn’t believe she'd been able to do that!  It was truly a testament to the power of love! 

Since my mom had been able to show me signs from Heaven, I figured there was no reason Pookie couldn’t do it too.  So, before I took Pookie to the vet, I said aloud to her, “Pookie, the main number you’ll need to show me is “797” because that’s your month and year of birth.  When I see that, I’ll know it’s you letting me know you’re okay.” There was no doubt in my mind that she knew exactly what I was asking of her.

Four days after I said goodbye to Pookie, as I was on my way to work, a car drove past me with a license plate that had no letters and only the numbers “797” on it!  I knew immediately it was Pookie’s sign!  I happily said, “Pookie, it’s you!  Thank you!”  Then, a truck came alongside me, and I looked over to see a big picture of a leaping cat on the truck’s door, similar to the Puma logo.  I knew that was another sign from Pookie letting me know that she was moving up in the afterlife.  I cannot express the joy that was in my heart at that moment!

The reason I’m sharing this story with you is to let you know that your pet’s soul survives the death of their physical body and that the love you share never dies.  It remains within the collective consciousness of the universe, and it’s that love that keeps us connected.  It’s my hope that this knowledge will not only bring you comfort, but also will inspire you to be open to Heavenly signs from your beloved pet.

With love, light, and angel blessings,